Happy Holidays from all of us at Venice on Vine!
Should it be Giving Tuesday or a St. Nick offering, we are forever grateful for your generosity and kindness. Your donations allow us to continue to offer a platform for training opportunities for some of Cincinnati’s most disenfranchised folks. Some who have not had the chance to learn how to talk to a boss or coworker, how to arrive to work on time and in uniform, and some who wish to learn their way around a commercial kitchen and catering business.
100% of graduates from our one year program leave with job history and a resume, 74% with job placement, and another 3% move on to higher education.

Should you wish donate now, in any amount, you’ll immediately receive an email which can be used for tax purposes. If you would like to support specific operations, we’ve listed a few ideas below!

$21 to change the oil in one of our organization’s vehicles (among other maintenance needs)! These vehicles are used to get safely to and from caterings as well as transport Trainees to and from job interviews, medical appointments, and community events to increase their community connections.

$35 provides a month’s worth of bus tokens for one Trainee. Without access to reliable transportation many folks remain isolated and disconnected from employment opportunities and health services.

$40 covers the cost of employee provided lunches for two weeks. We know that full bellies are essential if we expect folks to be ready to learn, providing employee lunches helps fuel our team for hard work.

$120 covers the cost of a GED examination and $150 covers the cost of industry certification, ServSafe, a needed qualification for managers in restaurants.

Should you wish to donate in person, we’d be equally thankful and pleased to welcome you into our recently refreshed restaurant, at 1301 Vine, where your patronage helps us set a place at the table for all. And should you desire our assistance this holiday season, we’d be delighted to help set your table – you’ll receive the catering of a lifetime and our Trainees will learn transferable skills for life.